WEBINAR PART 1: Organisation

  • Key focus areas for NFP's to understand if they are to thrive

  • Importance of a clearly defined purpose, mission and values

  • Developing a strategy that encompasses your entire organisation

  • Alignment of programmes and service delivery to your overall mission

  • The importance of recruitment and induction to attract and retain top talent

  • The systems and technology required to support your mission

  • Governance, financial accountability and transparency

  • Defining and measuring your organisation's social impact

  • Q&A session

WEBINAR PART 2: Marketing


  • Developing an overall Marketing strategy

  • SEO best practice to drive traffic to your website and increase conversions

  • How to develop a Social Media strategy

  • Harnessing the power of email marketing to increase engagement and donations

  • Tapping into all the tools provided by Google to promote your cause

  • Traditional forms of Marketing that still work

  • Developing a content strategy for your organisation

  • Q&A session

WEBINAR PART 3: Fundraising

  • Embracing digital to enhance your Fundraising strategy

  • Nurturing your donors from one off donations, through regular giving to major gifts and gifts in wills

  • Importance of diversifying your Fundraising revenue streams to attract support from individuals, corporates and government 

  • The rise of the social enterprise and how to develop a self reliant revenue stream

  • Fundraising events - in person and virtual

  • 16 ways your organisation can raise funds to support your cause

  • Q&A session 



  • An intensive pre-recorded 3 part webinar series suitable for all NFP sector staff (Managers, Marketers, Fundraisers, Board Members, HR, etc)​ looking to help their organisations survive and thrive

  • 3 sessions of amazing insights from one of Australia's leading NFP Experts and dozens of practical tips to take back to your organisation

  • Almost 5 hours of training and learn at your own pace

  • Only $299 for 5 hours of the latest NFP research and insights


The NFP Roadmap to success webinar series was 4.5 hours very well spent; it gave me helpful insight on the broader NFP sector with its overview of current trends and statistics. It was packed full of advice that combined strategic principles with tactics that can be executed via digital tehcnologies. The course demonstrated that much can be done now to make positive changes in the companies that I work with - for very little cost. I appreciate VERY much that we have access to the slides presented which are packed FULL of information and links to referenced companies and examples.    


The NFP Roadmap to Success Webinar Series was a great source of useful and practical information to take away and apply to my organisation. It was a great blend of things we do, things we could do better and things to start. Thanks so much! Theresa Moore, RDA


Thoroughly enjoyed the 3 part NFP Roadmap to Success Webinar, each session was informative and introduced new ideas and resources which will so be beneficial to our newly formed organisation. Can't wait to start developing our Organisational, Marketing, Communication and Fundraising Plans, so we implement everything we learned. Thank you! Sue Gavel Chairperson - Leeton Connect Inc. 

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