Are you a Charity looking to learn more about the NFP sector?

Are you a Corporate looking to partner with a charity or NFP organisation?

Are you a Government Agency looking to engage more with the social sector? 


If so, nobody quite knows the NFP sector globally like emPOWER Your Mission. With over a decade of experience in the sector, having spoken with thousands of charities and NFP's and having trained over 970 Non-profit organisations, we have an amazing amount of information to impart to people looking to embrace and enhance the NFP sector. 


We specialise in understanding the current state of the NFP Sector globally, the challenges, trends, risks and opportunities. We are also experts in the latest trends and innovations in NFP Fundraising, Marketing, Digital, SEO and Customer Service and as the NFP sector becomes ever more competitive, it is imperative that NFP organisations know how best to promote their organisation to potential donors, corporate partners, staff and volunteers.


If your organisation is looking to thrive in the current environment or indeed if your organisation is looking to engage with the Non-profit sector in a more meaningful way, we would love to hear from you:


























  • Understanding the current state of the NFP Sector domestically and globally, highlighting how competitive the sector is for funding, donors, staff, volunteers and corporate partners. We can highlight the latest trends, along with the key challenges, risks and focus areas for your organisation, as well as the importance of how technology is driving change within the sector

  • Fundraising - trends domestically and globally. We can outline the different types of Fundraising your organisation could harness (bequests, monthly giving, SMS giving, grants, corporate partnerships, etc). We also have expertise in how technology is driving great change in Fundraising with things like Apps, as well as the power of video and social media to enhance story-telling and engagement with donors and also how best to influence donors. We can also show you how to increase individual and corporate giving, as well as best practice for donor retention and stewardship

  • Marketing - we can help you look at what the key tasks of your Marketing team should be and the impact and effectiveness of the various communication channels for NFP's. We compare traditional versus new Marketing models, as well as how to harness the power of video for your communications. We can explore how to keep your website fresh and relevant and highlight different communication trends. We can also show you how to harness the power of Google and review the top Marketing tips and focus areas for your organisation

  • Customer Service - we can show you how to measure the level of customer service within your organisation. We can also outline the essence of excellence in customer service and the importance of recruiting the right personality type and skill set for this crucial role. We can showcase best practice customer service and also identify strategies to deal with angry/difficult customers, as well as the importance of stewardship of your customers, donors, corporate partners, volunteers and supporters​

  • Sales - in an increasingly competitive sector, we highlight the need for your staff to understand your organisation's USP, so that you can attract clients, donors, staff, volunteers and corporate partners. We can outline the different personality types and communication styles of individuals and ensure that your staff understand the buying cycle, donor journey and the sales process

  • Board recruitment - we can show you how to invigorate your Board through the recruitment of Millennials, as well as how to better engage your Board in your mission 

  • If you are a Corporate or a business, we can show you how to enhance your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) reputation and how best to attract and engage the perfect NFP partner

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"It is one of the most instructive and revealing programmes I have been at and enjoyed it immensely. Couldn't have been better. Excellent communication skills." Gamani Goonetilleka, Chairperson, Amawatura Buddhist Centre (Sydney, NSW)

“Well worth the investment to get up-to-date information that can be immediately put into action. Thank you.” Angela Gordon, Fundraising and Marketing Manager, Trees for Life (Adelaide, SA)

“A fantastic tool for participants in the NFP sector. Concise, relevant and a depth of material to put into practice within your own operations. Highly recommended to both novices and seasoned professionals.” Steve Gregory, CEO, Black Bull Performance Group (Canberra, ACT)

“As someone who works extensively in the not for profit sector, which I prefer to call the “social profit sector”, I found out just how much I did not know, especially about the rapidly changing operating environment Charities in New Zealand and Australia now face. The information and ideas I have gained from attending will be invaluable for my client base. This was one of the most beneficial workshops I have ever attended and was great value to boot.” Chris Lynch, Director, Lynch and Associates (Auckland, NZ)

"The session provided valuable insight and examples of simple tools and techniques that will enable us as a charity to increase our footprint and make better use of our resources and engage with our members and donors." Alex Dick, Hon. State Treasurer, RSL (Tasmania Branch) Inc. (Hobart, TAS) 


"A well planned, professional workshop with informative supporting data." Simon Wise, Market Development Manager, Colony 47 (Hobart, TAS)

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