"I would highly recommend this One-Day Training Workshop. The staff at Arthritis NSW put the training into action the very next day. Some of the scenarios are embedded into our staff meetings to ensure that we are walking the talk and learning from all staff experiences. Thank you for a very worth while training day." Sandra Vincent - CEO, Arthritis NSW

"The session provided valuable insight and examples of simple tools and techniques that will enable us as a charity to increase our footprint and make better use of our resources and engage with our members and donors." Alex Dick, Hon. State Treasurer, RSL (Tasmania Branch) Inc. (Hobart, TAS) 




Looking to upskill your staff in relation to the current state of the NFP sector domestically and globally and the various trends, challenges and opportunities in the sector? 


Keen to embrace the latest trends, tips, technology and techniques in NFP Fundraising, Marketing, Sales and Customer Service and learn about the FREE resources and tools out there for your organisation?


If you answered yes to the above, then our highly acclaimed One-Day NFP Training Workshop is a must for your organisation.



  • We hold it at your premises, at a date of your choosing and we can accommodate up to 30 of your staff in the session. The day is very intensive, with lots of information, videos, statistics, group exercises and discussion and is split into 4 sections (so it's like 4 courses rolled in to one jam-packed day but your staff are only off the floor for one day)

  • We are more than happy to tailor the day to suit your organisation's specific needs, so let us know which specific areas you would like us to focus on and we'll look after the rest

  • We run these workshops at your premises and ask that you provide a suitable training room for the day for up to 30 people (with a data projector and screen).  



Part 1 – Introduction and Charity Sector

  • Current state of the domestic Charity Sector – top line numbers; geographic spread of charities; different size classifications of charities; charity trends in income, assets and expenditure; is your organisation thriving or surviving; tools to research charities; Top 20 biggest charities; charity rating websites; Charity Reputation Index

  • Global Comparisons – domestic NFP sector compared to other Western countries in terms of sector growth, income and expenditure

  • Key trends for charities to understand relating to sector saturation, fluctuating levels of public giving, giving behaviour of younger donors and mobile giving

  • Key challenges facing domestic charities including board recruitment, engaging millennials, increased transparency and being agile in an ever-changing sector

  • Biggest risks facing charities including funding, brand equity, governance and data protection

  • Key focus areas for charities for 2020

  • NP Tech for Good Global NGP Technology Report – web and email communication trends, social media, mobile technology, online Fundraising tools, data management and security software, how to target each giving generation differently


Part 2 – Fundraising

  • Global Giving Trends – CAF World Giving Index Report and key findings; global trends in giving by generation and gender; giving via mobile; the causes which receive most donations; what do donors look for in a charity

  • Causevox Global Giving Trends Report – corporate giving, social media marketing, donor retention rates, mobile optimisation, email trends, monthly giving trends, storytelling, data collection, behavioural targeting, engagement

  • Domestic Giving Trends – JB Were Support Report; Koda snapshot of domestic Giving Trends; Top 25 Fundraising charities; new Fundraising technology trends – cashless payment tools and apps; the power of video Fundraising; a revival in email Fundraising

  • Best Practice Fundraising - the donor journey; ROI of the different Fundraising strategies; a look at short, medium and long-term Fundraising opportunities – monthly giving, SMS/Text giving, grants, corporate partnerships and workplace giving, events, crowdfunding, peer-to-peer, major donors/gifts, bequests

  • Engaging Volunteers – the value of volunteers, how to harness that value and a 12 point volunteer strategy

  • Strategy to involve reluctant fundraising Board Members 


Part 3 – NFP Marketing

  • Charity Marcomms team set ups and key tasks

  • New world “Earned Media”

  • M&R Benchmarks Study – charity communication trends and benchmarks, digital advertising spend, NFP Social Media trends – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

  • Befriending the Facebook Algorithm changes

  • Harness the power of Google – Google Ad Grants for charities, Google Analytics, Remarketing and Geo-fencing, utilising Google Trends

  • 10 ways to keep your website fresh and relevant

  • Harnessing the power of video - how to tell your charity’s story; how charities are using videos in different ways; video marketing on social media (best practice)

  • Top Marketing Tips for NFP’s

  • Top 10 Marketing Trends to watch out for in 2020 

  • Step-by-Step process to create your 2020 NFP Digital Content Strategy 


Part 4 – NFP Customer Service, Sales and Stewardship

  • Recruitment for customer facing roles within your organisation

  • Understanding the different personality styles and preferred communication styles of individuals and their behavioural traits

  • The essence of Excellent Customer Service and the key skills your staff require in an ever-changing NFP environment

  • How to measure the level of Customer Service in your organisation

  • Identifying and understanding your organisation’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

  • Understanding the Buying Cycle and the NFP Sales Process

  • The importance of understanding body language – NLP




"A well planned, professional workshop with informative supporting data."


"Gives a great picture of the NFP sector with relevant information and practical useful tips.”


“An amazing day resulting in a huge task list! Thank you very much Scott, lots of useful tools for the future to research.”

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