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Stellar Partnerships is a specialist consultancy building sustainable and profitable partnerships between corporates and non-profits. We offer smart, strategic and in-depth support for your partnerships.


About Linda Garnett

Linda Garnett has more than 20 years’ experience in senior leadership and strategic management roles in the corporate sector in the UK, Canada, Japan and Australia. She has been responsible for billion-dollar deals, new strategic direction of businesses and innovative partnerships.

For the last 15 years she has worked in the NFP sector developing shared value partnerships between charities and the corporate sector, working with organisations as diverse as Save the Children, headspace, World Vision, febfast and Cancer Council. Linda is passionate about achieving positive social outcomes through collaboration between corporates and not for profits. She is uniquely placed to bring new and commercial perspectives to partnering with the corporate sector.

About Sharon Dann

Sharon Dann has been in love with fundraising and the not for profit sector for almost two decades. Starting her career in 2001 as a backpacking fundraiser, later the same year she started own face-to-face fundraising business. Her breadth of experience also encompasses major gifts, trusts and foundations and 10 years specialising in Corporate Partnerships.

She is an expert in winning, nurturing and growing corporate partnerships, raising millions of dollars for the organisations she has worked with. She is passionate about improving the capability of the sector and wants to help you find the solution to your organisation’s complex problems using corporate partnerships.


Part One: Building the understanding of corporate partnerships

  • The types of corporate partnerships

  • Thinking about total value, not just cash

  • What partnerships can do for you that other fundraising streams cannot

  • The size of the prize - why it’s worth investing in partnerships

  • Myth busting - are partnerships only for the big charities? Is it just about sponsorship?

  • Recent trends and developments in the partnerships landscape

  • Examples of successful partnerships from the UK and Australia

Part Two: The key ingredients for a corporate partnerships program

  • Building the foundations first

  • Understanding your own organisation and its ambitions

  • Finding partners that are the right choice for you

  • Role of leadership, board and colleagues

  • Understanding and managing risk

  • Avoiding the cycle of frustration and failure and getting to ‘stellar’ partnerships


At the end of the webinar participants will understand

  • why partnerships are different and what they could do for your organisation

  • how partnerships are changing and why they’re worth the effort 

  • the key ingredients of a successful corporate partnerships program

  • how to avoid the pitfalls and typical mistakes

  • how corporate partnerships could transform your organisation


Stellar Partnerships will bring real life examples, case studies and tips from partnerships in Australia and overseas to inspire the audience.


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Linda and Sharon were great. They appeared genuinely interested to learn more about our organisation and knew exactly how to drill down and identify our points of difference and where we could do with a refocus. We left secure in the knowledge that while working with us they had taken our cause into their hearts and had developed a genuine stake in improving our ability to seek out and attract corporate support.

David Sutherland, Fundraising & Communications Manager – PANDA


It was such a pleasure to work with Linda on the next phase of our corporate partnerships and fundraising approach. Linda is smart, strategic and is incredibly generous with her knowledge and experience in corporate partnerships and fundraising.  She undertook a thorough assessment of current activities and helped us to build our future direction with tools and frameworks that will serve us well for years to come. Linda’s guidance was invaluable. Her input has enabled us to develop a more strategic approach to opportunities and has strengthened the understanding and value of corporate partnerships and fundraising within the organisation.

Simone Williams, Executive Director Communications & Marketing– headspace


Working with Sharon was an absolute pleasure. Her expertise and knowledge of Corporate Partnerships is second to none. With her passion for this industry she was able to inspire and educate my new starter, giving them the knowledge and tools so they could begin their new role with confidence. Thank you for getting them up and running in their role so quickly.

Adele McIntosh, National Relationships Manager - Ronald McDonald House Charities


Linda is one of the best strategic partnership thinkers in Australia, with a breadth of experience in developing best practice connections between corporates and NGOs.

Janet Cameron, Partnerships Manager, Save the Children


Working with Linda was an absolute pleasure.  Her professionalism, passion and expertise contributed significantly to the key project that we worked together on.  She offered valuable guidance and assisted with the development of a holistic story to engage potential partners, and worked closely with us to create a compelling pitch.  Linda assessed our approach and identified areas in which we could improve, and then supported us to implement these changes by providing valuable tools and frameworks.  This improved approach was invaluable at the time and I plan on using them for a long time yet.  Linda, thank you for getting us on track and paving the path for future partnerships!

Giselle Pinto, Partnership Executive - Philanthropy Australia 


“Stellar Partnerships’ work with Red Nose has been invaluable to give us clarity on our assets, strengths and offering to corporate partners. Stellar’s insights and independent perspective allowed us to harvest our low value partners and be more assertive about our true value, giving us the confidence to secure bigger commitments from partners.  We really liked their inclusive approach, helping to build understanding of partnerships across our team and get everyone working together for new partnerships.”

Amy Johnston, GM Fundraising & Marketing, Red Nose

“This workshop tells you everything that you need and should be doing when it comes to partnerships. A clear, engaging and highly practical course. Discussions and recapping after each component were great.  It really makes you realise how much you haven’t tried, didn’t think of or taken for granted. Every minute was useful. Cannot recommend it enough!”

Nina Greig-Towers, Relationship Manager Corporate Partnerships, The Salvation Army


I can’t explain just how AMAZING the Partnership Acquisition course was and I absolutely loved every minute of it.   You are a stellar team, offering stellar courses to help charities really connect and grow their partnership programs the best way possible.   Thank you so much for all that you do and sharing your knowledge.

Sonja Marsden, Hummingbird House


The Stellar Partnerships Acquisition Skills course was the best, most focused sales training I have participated in. 3 X 90 minute, short, sharp, condensed sessions was a great format with a huge amount of knowledge transferred in a short space of time plus templates to take away and work on. I’d wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking to really hone their skills and acquire more partners. 

Chris Doig, Corporate Partnership Manager, RSPCA VIC


“I joined the Partnership Acceleration program with what I thought were realistic expectations.  I felt that I already knew a fair bit about seeking and servicing partners and the program would probably just confirm a few things. Maybe I would pick up one or two new ideas – at the most – as tends to happen with a lot of professional training. Well. I was wrong.
At each session Linda and Sharon taught me something new – from a different way of looking at the value that we have to offer as an organisation, to identifying the who and why of potential partners, and how to go about positioning the value of the partnership program internally. There were a few “ah ha” moments, together with some reinforcement of the kind of organisational culture that you need to have to be successful in the partnership space.
Most importantly they opened my eyes to the value of partnerships over and above funding; where a partnership can bring value far exceeding the bottom line. I recommend you jump on the next program.  It will exceed your expectations”.

Bambi Gordon, CEO, Neighbourhood Watch VIC

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