2020 vision NFP BOOT CAMP





Sydney - Thursday 28th-Friday 29th November 2019

Melbourne - Wednesday 29th-Thursday 30th January 2020

Brisbane - Wednesday 19th-Thursday 20th February 2020

Adelaide - Wednesday 18th-Thursday 19th March 2020

Perth - Wednesday 15th-Thursday 16th April 2020


Places are limited and subject to availability




With 60,000 registered Australian Charities and 50 new ones every week, your staff need to know how to:

  • Embrace digital fundraising

  • Improve donor acquisition, stewardship and retention strategies 

  • Recruit and retain staff, volunteers and board members

  • Attract corporate partners

  • Identify and embrace new technology and be innovative and agile as an organisation

  • Measure your organisation's impact/outcomes to help you attract donors, corporate partners and grants

  • Attract Gifts in Wills/Bequests

We've assembled Australia's leading NFP Experts and pioneered the 2020 Vision NFP Boot Camp, an intensive two day "must attend" workshop for NFP sector staff (Managers, Marketers, Fundraisers, Board Members):

  • Two days of amazing insights from Australia's leading NFP Experts and over 100 practical tips to take back to your organisation

  • The opportunity to network with NFP sector experts, leaders and peers

  • Fully catered - morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch on both days

  • Networking drinks and nibbles at the end of the Day 1 







Day 1


8.30am-9.00am: Registration (welcome tea and coffee)

9.00am-10.00am: NFP State of the Nation (Scott Lockie, Australian Charity Guide)

  • Latest global and domestic NFP Sector trends, technology, tools, risks, challenges and opportunities 


10.00am-10.30am: Morning tea and networking


10.30am-12.00pm: 10 things you need to know about Gifts in Wills Fundraising (Helen Merrick, FIA)

  • Why this area of Fundraising should be part of your fundraising mix

  • How to develop a case for support to get investment and buy-in

  • How to develop a Gifts in Wills plan 

  • Where to start when implementing a Gifts in Wills program


12.00pm-12.30pm: Lunch and networking

12.30pm-2.30pm: Attracting and maximising Corporate Partnerships (Abby Clemence, Infinity Sponsorship)

  • Why corporate partnerships are the #1 fastest growing Fundraising niche right now

  • The latest research showing that the ability to drive your organisation’s success and sustainability is in your hands

  • Where brands are heading in their thinking and action around cause-related partnerships

  • What’s changed in the world of sponsorships and partnerships

  • The 14 ways that brands and charities can partner together


2.30pm-3.00pm: Afternoon tea and networking

3.00pm-4.30pm: NFP Talent attraction and retention strategies and your new recruit's first 6 months (Nina Mapson Bone, Beaumont People)

  • Seven categories of mistakes: uncover the real reasons you are struggling to hire and retain great people

  • Understand the ten ingredients that will make the biggest impact to your attraction and retention strategies

  • Create the perfect first 6 months for your new inductee

  • Differentiate your process: recruiting for different demographics – board members, millennials, volunteers and more


4.30pm-6.00pm: Networking drinks and nibbles


Day 2 


8.30am-9.00am: Welcome tea and coffee

9.00am-10.30am: Grow your Fundraising by utilising digital, donor-centricity and unlocking more value from your traditional programs (Jeremy Bennett, Bigfoot Fundraising)

  • Having the right digital strategy to acquire and engage your donors

  • Practical tips on how to boost your social media and email programs

  • Examples of best practice donor engagement - from acquisition to engaged loyal supporters

  • Innovation and diversification within traditional fundraising channels


10.30am-11.00am: Morning tea and networking

11.00am-11.45am: Unlocking the Giving super trends and transforming your organisation with innovation (Jeremy Tobias, GiveEasy)

  • Master the art of messaging and timing with your donors in the evolving digital space

  • Transform your organisation by embracing innovation to better utilise resources and seize opportunities


11.45am-12.30pm: Framework to help measure, communicate and amplify your social impact (David Jack, Social Impact Institute)

  • Validate and improve program and service models  

  • Identify new and innovative ways to meet client needs

  • Confirm value for investment and elevate fundraising opportunities

  • Ensure people in need are matched with programs that make a real and lasting difference 

  • Tell a new and compelling story that builds traction with supporters and donors


12.30pm-1.00pm: Lunch and networking


1.00pm-2.30pm: P2P trends and key strategies for event success (Craig Shackleton, Blackbaud)

  • P2P trends and the evolution of the peer-to-peer industry in the ANZ region

  • How to leverage 3 pillars of peer-to-peer fundraising for year-round success

  • Event success criteria – how to set up the right metrics for your event

  • What the future looks like - consumer behaviour and areas for growth


2.30pm-3.00pm: Afternoon tea and networking

3.00pm-4.30pm: The right mindset for effective Goal Setting and creating a vision for 2020 (Ola Radka, Start With Self)

  • The  importance of the right mindset and how the conscious and subconscious mind work together to create our life experiences

  • Effective goal setting and the difference between ordinary goal setting and setting sustainable goals that make your organisation grow 

  • Guided session on creating a written vision for 2020

  • Guided hypnotic exercise that covers the concept of time and how to use it to help you achieve your goals with ease

"55% of Australian Charities are thriving. 42% are struggling"

"50 new Australian Charities set up every week, in an already saturated market"




Scott Lockie, Australian Charity Guide

Since the creation of The Australian Charity Guide and emPOWER Your Mission, Scott has been helping organisations in the sector thrive for the past 10 years.


Scott focuses on upskilling NFP professionals and Boards on the latest global and domestic NFP sector trends, as well as the latest research and techniques driving NFP Marketing, Fundraising and Stewardship.


With experience training over 700 charities all around Australia and NZ, Scott’s goal is to help equip NFP staff with the knowledge, skills and tools to thrive in an increasingly competitive and fast-paced environment.

Helen Merrick, Fundraising Institute of Australia

With over 13 years experience in the NFP sector, Helen is the Executive Manager (Membership, Marketing & Include a Charity) for Fundraising Institute Australia.


With an in-depth knowledge of fundraising, campaigns, events and marketing, Helen has been part of the Include a Charity campaign since 2011 and loves everything Gifts in Wills.


She currently works with fundraisers and fundraising organisations throughout Australia, to ensure best practice, professional development and to support them to be the best they can be.

Abby Clemence, Infinity Sponsorship

Abby is an international speaker and one of Australia's leading corporate partnership experts.

She helps For-Profit and For-Purpose organisations unlock the secrets of great partnerships and her specialty lies in teaching fundraisers how to build partnerships that create meaningful and sustainable impact.

Abby specialises in teaching NFP organisations how to connect with the right brands, form mutually beneficial relationships with a corporate partner and grow your income and your brand.

Craig Shackleton, Blackbaud

Craig has been working alongside the social good sector since 2007. In his current role at Blackbaud Pacific, Craig leads the team to provide appropriate products, services and solutions and the highest level of service, support and best-practice strategic advice to hundreds of charity, corporate and event partners, so they can realise their revenue and engagement potential through online peer-to-peer fundraising.

Jeremy Bennett, Bigfoot Fundraising

Jeremy is a passionate and experienced fundraiser and marketer. He previously worked as a marketing manager for Telstra, before moving to the NFP sector in 2009 to pursue his passion for helping charities do good.


He has a proven track record of growing Individual Giving fundraising programs in Australia, the UK and Asia, for charities such as Amnesty International, World Animal Protection and Shelter UK.


Jeremy has presented on successful digital and innovative campaigns at major fundraising conferences including DigiRaise, FIA and bbcon. 


Inspired to help more charities make a bigger impact in their fundraising, Jeremy launched his consultancy, Bigfoot Fundraising and this year has been working with several clients and helped Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation deliver the biggest Gold Telethon Appeal ever, raising over $6.5M and doubling its online donations and income from last year.

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David Jack, Social Impact Institute

David brings more than 20 years of C-level executive experience to his current role as CEO of Social Impact Institute, one of Australia’s leading advisory services and event organisers dedicated to the social sector.  


In his capacity as Principal Advisor with Social Impact Institute, David works directly with executives and management teams to listen and apply evidence-based methodologies to enhance clarity, sustainability and impact.


David is passionate about social justice and helping social sector leaders extend their thinking, and their organisations have an even greater impact.  

Jeremy Tobias, GiveEasy

Jeremy Tobias is CEO of GiveEasy, one of the NFP Sector's leading digital fundraising platforms, helping charities raise more money across all digital channels including web, email, social and SMS.  


With over 10 years in capital raising markets for ASX listed companies, Jeremy brings a wealth of knowledge on fundraising strategy to help Charities and NFP's grow your impact.

Jeremy is also an authority on how NFP organisations can innovate and pioneered the GiveEasy Innovation Index, showcasing organisations who have embraced innovation. 

Nina Mapson Bone, Beaumont People

With a career spanning over 20 years, Nina’s number one passion is people. Since becoming the Managing Director of Beaumont People in 2015, she continues to use her wealth of knowledge and expertise to grow, inspire and empower her team.


A regular speaker and trainer, Nina shares her expertise on all things involving People, Leadership, Strategy, Talent Attraction, Onboarding and Retention and is an expert in bringing talented people together to drive value, build vision and realise opportunities.


Nina’s positive influence has stemmed beyond Beaumont People, assuming several appointments for the Recruitment, Consulting and Staffing Association of Australia & NZ (RCSA) including her current position, Vice President.

Ola Radka, Start With Self

Ola is a qualified hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and an expert workshop facilitator.


Ola has won immense praise for her private coaching and practical workshops with clients and audiences across Australia and Europe.


Ola has a deep passion for reconnecting people with their inner power and guiding them towards their dreams. She created Start with Self to help people overcome the unconscious mental blocks and limiting beliefs that hold them back from achieving their full potential, success and happiness.


"The NFP State of the Nation seminar provides a very thorough training of the whole area of charity management and fundraising. An excellent and illuminating day. Thanks very much. Much appreciated for the quality of information that you shared at the event. I certainly learned a lot of new information and I’ll be sharing what I learned and recommendations with our organisation." James Burgin, Mindd Foundation (Sydney, NSW)

"It is one of the most instructive and revealing programmes I have been at and enjoyed it immensely. Couldn't have been better. Excellent communication skills." Gamani Goonetilleka, Chairperson, Amawatura Buddhist Centre (Sydney, NSW)

“Well worth the investment to get up-to-date information that can be immediately put into action. Thank you.” Angela Gordon, Fundraising and Marketing Manager, Trees for Life (Adelaide, SA)

“A fantastic tool for participants in the NFP sector. Concise, relevant and a depth of material to put into practice within your own operations. Highly recommended to both novices and seasoned professionals.” Steve Gregory, CEO, Black Bull Performance Group (Canberra, ACT)

“As someone who works extensively in the not for profit sector, which I prefer to call the “social profit sector”, I found out just how much I did not know, especially about the rapidly changing operating environment Charities in New Zealand and Australia now face. The information and ideas I have gained from attending will be invaluable for my client base. This was one of the most beneficial workshops I have ever attended and was great value to boot.” Chris Lynch, Director, Lynch and Associates (Auckland, NZ)

"The session provided valuable insight and examples of simple tools and techniques that will enable us as a charity to increase our footprint and make better use of our resources and engage with our members and donors." Alex Dick, Hon. State Treasurer, RSL (Tasmania Branch) Inc. (Hobart, TAS) 


"A well planned, professional workshop with informative supporting data." Simon Wise, Market Development Manager, Colony 47 (Hobart, TAS)

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